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Before using our website and services, users are expected to read and agree to our terms and conditions. Users who find the terms and conditions conflicting should avoid using our website and services. The sole purpose of our terms and conditions is to understand our customers better in order to provide the best possible service.

  • 隱私權適用範圍:


To become a member of our website, please provide your name, gender, phone number, e-mail, and address. The website will record and track the user’s IP address, cookies, the duration of time spent on the website, browser, and any website material read and selected, for a better user experience. 

個人資料蒐集 、處理及利用說明。本公司可能透過Facebook或類似社群服務系統,於取得您的同意後,將部分本網站的資訊發布於您的社群活動資訊頁面,若您不同意該等訊息之發布,請您勿點選同意鍵,或於事後透過各該社群服務之會員機制移除該等資訊或拒絕本網站繼續發布相關訊息。若有任何問題,可與本公司聯絡。

Users can choose whether or not to allow Facebook to display any website activity on the user’s feed. If the user decides to not give Facebook access, they can prohibit the website from publicizing any personal browsing information on the website. Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions or concerns.

  • Cookie技術


When you visit this website, the company may set and access cookies on your computer for identification. You can decide whether or not to allow cookies.

We use cookies to offer you a better experience and send our online advertising messages in line with your preferences. Consult the Cookie Policy to find out more, to know which cookies are used and how to disable them and/or to withhold your consent. By closing this banner or continuing to browse, you consent to the use of cookies.

  • 隱私權政策之修改



Amendment of Privacy Policy

If the privacy policy is revised, this website will notify you of the relevant major changes by the email you provided, and make an announcement on this website. If you have any questions about this privacy protection policy, please contact our company directly.


石本工作室 Ishimoto Atelier 網站上所有内容,包括資訊、圖像及產品設計(包括任何及所有相關的附屬材料)均屬於石本工作室 Ishimoto Atelier及其授權者,並且受到版權法和外觀設計專利保護。任何人不得通過電子郵件或其他任何方式使用、展示、複製、轉發、修改、散布、傳播、出售、出版、創造衍生產品、廣播、發行、展示或以任何方式利用全部或部分網站内容。在沒有得到石本工作室 Ishimoto Atelier明確書面協議的情況下不得使用任何設計。如有違反,石本工作室 Ishimoto Atelier將追究相關損害賠償責任。

All content on the Ishimoto Atelier website, including information, images and product designs (including any and all related materials) belong to Ishimoto Atelier and its licensors, and are protected by copyright law and design patents. No one may use, display, copy, forward, modify, disseminate, spread, sell, publish, create derivative products, broadcast, distribute, display or use all or part of the website content through email or any other means. No design may be used without the express written agreement of Ishimoto Atelier. In case of violation, Ishimoto Atelier reserves the right to pursue relevant damages.